Overcooked 2 Review


Hi All,

A little late on posting this over here, but I recently reviewed Overcooked 2 over on Viewport. It’s a fun co-op game and well worth a look if you have friends or family you’d like to share gaming experience with thanks to the simple control scheme. It can also make for an excellent co-op game to play with your more gaming savvy friends as you aim for the highest potential score. Give the review a read and let me know what you think in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Overcooked 2 Review

  1. I checked your article and it was really interesting. I loved playing “Overcooked! 2” too. I got the PC version of the video game on this site: https://www.fuzeforge.co.uk/ and it was really fun to discover. I played the first instalment of the series and I think that the sequel was worth trying. The new modes are so wacky! Moreover, as you said in your article, it is indeed a great game to try when friends come over. 🙂

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