Slay the Spire Review


Hi All,

It’s a two for one month. Just finished reviewing Slay the Spire over on Viewport. It’s a rogue-like, deck building hybrid that manages to marry prominent mechanics from both game types wonderfully. I really enjoyed playing it and foresee myself continuing to play it daily despite finishing my review.

If that seems like your sorta thing you can read my full thoughts in the linked review above. It’s available on both Steam and Switch, and would make an excellent addition to your library on either.

Let me know what you think about the game, or review in the comments here, on Viewport, or hit me up on Twitter.


9 thoughts on “Slay the Spire Review

  1. Thanks for this article. I have never heard of “Slay The Spire” before but it sounds like an interesting project. I am not a real fan of card games, however, the gameplay of this one might be worth trying.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      The deck building aspect and looking for synergies between cards makes for a really enjoyable experience. It’s currently available on PC and PS4, with a planned launch for Switch on June 6th (iirc) so you’ve got tons of options for where you can pick it up.


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