A long time ago before the world was thrown into eternal darkness, I was nominated by Meg of A Geeky Gal to do the Give it a Light Novel Title tag and I completely spaced on it until now. As I’ve said before, Meg is a quintessential blogger when it comes to geeky interests. Check out her blog for topics on a wide variety of different fandoms, anime, and more recently mental health and wellness.

For those of you who, like myself, have no idea what a light novel title even is here’s the gist of the challenge. You choose a handful of anime and you give them overly long, self-describing titles. That’s all. I should have done this one months ago, but it got lost in the shuffle as my organization skills are questionable at best. So without any additional delay, let’s begin.

The Rules:

  • Choose up to five anime, manga or visual novel series that have a short title
  • Light novels that have shorter titles (Date A Live for example) are also allowed.
  • Give these series a new title based on those classic overly long Light Novels we love!
  • If someone has already picked a series you wanted. It’s OK! Let’s see your own take on the title!
  • Link back to the original post so I can read people’s suggestions, I’d love to read everyone’s ideas.
  • Include Give it a Light Novel Title in your tags so everyone including myself can find them all easily.
  • Nominate around 1-6 bloggers

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Light novel title: I make food so well that people can’t stop having orgasms while eating it


Light novel title: Adult life is hard and keeps getting harder. Please send help!

Death Note

Light novel title: That time I found a magic book and used it to kill people

One Punch Man

Light novel title: I want to be the strongest hero to ever live

Little Witch Academia

Light novel title: My Time at Luna Nova Magical Academy


Gray’s Otome – Gray’s Otome Visual Novel Corner
Emiko the Writer – Rmablings N’ Scribbles

This one was short and sweet, so I regret not doing it sooner. I’ll have something with a bit more substance tomorrow, but I hope this gave some of you a laugh. Until next time thanks for reading.