Cyberpunk may be cyberbunk, but there were a ton of other great games in 2020.

As mentioned on previous episodes, we took to talking about our games of the year. Unfortunately due to time constraints I wasn’t able to finish mine, so consider this a preview of a post going live next week. We kind of recorded on Christmas Eve, which normally would have been fine but for the first time ever in my working life my boss didn’t let me go a little early. Still, we talk about a handful of great games as well as why we enjoyed playing them so much. Hopefully you still enjoy the discussion.

Timestamps and spoiler warnings below. Let us know on any of our social channels if you have a question you’d like us to tackle on a future episode.




  • 0:00:00 – Cyberpunk 2077 Launch
  • Games of the Year 2020 Edition
    • 0:14:50 – Hitman 2 Gold Edition
    • 0:25:02 – Hades
    • 0:34:10 – Final Fantasy VII Remake (Spoiler)
    • 0:45:44 – Outer Wilds
    • 0:56:22 – Code Vein
    • 1:05:36 – One Step From Eden
    • 1:16:33 – Yakuza: Like a Dragon

As always, thanks for listening.