Over a month ago (wow really? It’s been that long?) I was nominated for the Real Neat Blogger award by Angie of Backlog Crusader. She writes game reviews and about gamer culture. I’ve linked two of my favourites from her and highly recommend you give them a read (especially the bystanders guide). Thank you for the nomination Angie! I hope you find my answers satisfactory.

The Rules

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1. What was the origin of your most long term geeky interest?

I guess that’d be video games. I’ve been playing them since before I could read. In fact, the only reason I know how to read is because of them.

I don’t know if I could pinpoint exactly when it started though. I played edutainment games on the family computer when I was little like Reader Rabbit. I think what really sealed the deal was Pokemon though. That was the first video game I remember playing that got me invested in games as a form of entertainment.

2. What is the meaning behind or origin of your typical username for gaming or forums?

Frost + electrolyte = Frostilyte

I happened to be studying electrolytes in high school chemistry at the time, so I used that as part of the name. Yep. I’ve always been this creatively bankrupt. Suddenly the name of my blog being so pedestrian makes sense, eh?

No relevant media, so have a cat

3. If you were going to live forever on an isolated island and could only have access to three types of food, what would you choose?

I’m going to assume you mean three food items otherwise I’d answer with fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Strawberries, chickpeas, and broccoli.

Strawberries are my favourite fruit. They’re sweet and delicious. They’re only in season for a couple weeks where I live, so they’re always a treat.

Chickpea would be there for protein. They’re my favourite meat substitute, especially because they are the primary component of humus.

Broccoli has always been my favourite veggie since I was a kid. I still eat it fairly regularly, so of the three items listed this is the one I’m most confident I wouldn’t grow tired of before my eventual demise.

4. You know when your brain sometimes replays embarrassing memories against your will? – What’s one of yours that always comes up?

I have far too many. Almost all of them relate to things I don’t actually want to forget because there was a lesson attached to them. They’re not embarrassing in a cutesy way. They’re embarrassing because of the magnitude by which I screwed up. As a result I don’t particularly want to divulge any of them here.

5. What is your favorite blog post you’ve written and why?

If I’m not being pedantic about the word written then I’d say the posts from my Ruining Your Favourite Pokemon series. Conceptually it started out as a post where I was going to list off my favourite critters in the wake of GameFreak announcing that not every Pokemon would make it into the new games.

Part-way through brain storming I got the idea to also include doodles of Pokemon to accompany the list. Lists are rather plain, so I thought a few doodles would help to spice things up.

However, I later got the genius idea to ask my readers on Twitter what their favourite Pokemon were. “Brilliant!”, I thought to myself. “Surely having community involvement will get people more invested in the post”. While I can attest that did happen, I also got way more than I bargained for.

I’m really pleased with the reception as well as the art thus far. Despite that I’m still trying to improve. I know I can make the artwork better if I keep practicing. Getting a tablet might help too.

And another one!

6. How have you personally grown over the past several years?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned over the past several years is that my actions have wider implications than just how they effect me. For example, when I screw up at work that usually reflects worse on my leader than it does on me. Were I the only one taking heat then my response would usually be apathy, but I’m learning more and more that the number of things where my actions only reflect poorly on me is smaller than I originally thought.

That said, I’d still consider this an area of growth that is in progress. I need to be more mindful of how I carry myself.

7. What’s something your readers wouldn’t be able to guess about you?

Well I know my mom reads my blog, so technically one of my readers is well equipped to guess many things correctly about me.

For the rest of you: I’ve had both my lungs operated on. Nothing major. The one collapsed partway through college and I had the other operated on as a preventative surgery. It’s a lot less horrible than it sounds. Both are still functional, but they’re stuck to the top of my chest cavity as a result of the surgery. You get used to that feeling fairly quickly though.

Woohoo for gross medical stuff!

My Questions

  1. What is a game coming out in 2020 that you’re excited for?
  2. Ninjas, or Pirates? Why?
  3. You won a life time supply of the last thing you spent money on. What is it, are you excited, and how do you intend to use your comically overstocked collection of this commodity?
  4. God almighty above. They were right! AI took over the world and started building mecha-style enforcers out of the factories. Which billion dollar software company is responsible for ending humanity and do you submit to our AI overlords, or rebel against them?
  5. What was the reason you started your blog? Feel free to be as detailed as you see fit with this one.
  6. You wake up one day and find that you are now your least favourite character from your favourite television show (use a video game if you don’t watch TV). Who are you and how do you feel about it?
  7. What’s a skill you wish you had, but can’t find the time in the day to learn or master?


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You’re all great. Have fun with the questions!