I don’t even know where to start on this one. I guess since I have a tendency to ramble with unedited content I’ll focus on the key points.

After six months of writing a post every single week, sometimes two, I have come to the conclusion that my pace is not sustainable. Not for me anyway. The blog has been feeling a lot more like work lately.

I started my blog so I’d have a place to write about games. I still enjoy writing, but it’s a secondary hobby and that has never been clearer than lately when I’ve had too much things to spend my free time on. Playing games will always be my primary hobby, and is how I decompress after a long day of work. Over the past several months I’ve spent more time on blog content than I have playing games in my spare time. And my gaming time has been spent increasingly on blogging related stuff. Generally speaking, that’s made me a little more stressed out than I’d like to be.

I’ve been thinking about changing my posting frequency for a while now, but it always felt like quitting in my head. I have no intention of ceasing writing, but it still felt like giving up on a goal I’d set for myself. However, after careful consideration I think my posting schedule has outlived its usefulness. Originally it was designed to force me to write more regularly, actually finish post ideas I had, and force me to brain storm new post ideas. It has done all three of those things, but sometimes we all need a break to decompress and constantly jumping from one piece of content to the next hasn’t afforded me any breaks.

So…what’s changing? I thought about changing the schedule to bi-weekly, but that still sounded stressful so I’m just throwing it in the garbage. Posts will come out whenever they’re ready instead of on a fixed schedule. Hoping this will lead to more content where I actually enjoyed the writing instead of posts that are born out of scheduling obligations that I had to grind through. Social channels will continue to receive updates, so there is no issues there. When something new goes live you’ll all know about it.

I’m also hoping this will help get me to a state where I can have content prepared ahead of time. I think in the last six months I’ve only had two of the almost forty posts prepared more than a day before they were supposed to go live. Constantly working to dead lines is not my idea of fun.

This wasn’t the most uplifting post I’m sure, but I wanted to end it by thanking you for the support over the last six months. It still amazes me whenever people read, or engage with the content I put up here. I really appreciate all of the support you’ve provided in one form or another. Hopefully the scheduling changes aren’t too upsetting, but at least with a decreased posting frequency when I do post it’ll be a bigger deal.