Time for another episode of the Frosty Canucks. This week we spend quite a bit of time delving into free to play games as well as everyone’s favourite game right now: Genshin Impact. I also go completely off the rails at one point and talk about my bitter relationship with MapleStory.

I hope everyone finds the overall quality of the sound much better this week. Jay has a new mic and it sounds a lot better. I think, in general, we’ve now managed to address the list of basic improvements we needed to make for the podcast, but as always any feedback you want to provide to us is welcome.

Oh. We’re also thinking of adding some kind of viewer question thing, so feel free to leave questions on this post or on twitter.




  • Michael Pachter’s Opinions 0:00
  • Genshin Impact 16:47
  • Free to Play Discussion 42:04
    • Highlight – F MapleStory 1:01:41
  • Games we’ve been playing
    • Final Fantasy X 1:16:02
    • Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight 1:17:12
    • Pokemon Ultra Moon 1:19:53
    • Hades 1:22:53
    • Puyo Puyo Tetris 1:24:04
    • Steam Autumn Game Festival 1:26:51

As always, thanks for listening.