I really like Sonic butt rock, okay?!

This week on the Frosty Canucks we usher in the new generation and then spend a long time talking about how video game music impacts the play experience as well as our favourite soundtracks. We also spend an unnecessarily long time dismantling what we both consider to be the worst generation of Pokémon.

I also spoil the ending to two of the games I mention during the games we’ve been playing section, so take note of those timestamps if you want to remain spoiler free on either.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask us feel free. We more or less turned Mads’ question into the entire podcast. If there is something you want to hear us chat about, provided it is video game related, we’re open to it.




  • 0:00:00 – Next Gen is Here PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
  • 0:23:30 – Soundtrack Discussion – How soundtracks factor into gameplay
  • 0:35:00 – Soundtrack Discussion – The Bad and the Good
  • Games we’ve been playing
    • 1:01:44 – Pokémon Pearl/Diamond
    • 1:15:00 – Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
    • 1:18:41 – Lucifer Within Us (Spoiler)
    • 1:21:25 – Raji: An Ancient Epic (Spoiler)
    • 1:23:17 – Maize
    • 1:28:42 – Revisiting Slay the Spire and Hades

As always, thanks for listening.