We are once again asking for your full attention.

This week on Frosty Canucks Jason and Frosti discuss the recent announcement that Yakuza will remain a turn based RPG. While we were disappointed, we took the opportunity to discuss some of the changes we’d make to spice up the combat. In addition there is talk of Ubisoft pivoting into free-to-play games and we take a deep dive into why license games are usually terrible.

And as per normal we go back and forth on what we’ve been playing. More Dark Souls, Caligula Effect, and Herds but this time they’re joined by Celeste, Dishonored and more.

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  • 0:00:00 – Yakuza’s Focus on Turned Based RPG Disappoints Us
  • 0:17:55 – Ubisoft Changing Focus on Free to Play over AAA Releases
  • 0:28:30 – Why Do Most Licensed Based Games Suck?
  • Games We’ve Been Playing
    • 0:42:44 – Dishonored 2
    • 0:54:19 – The Caligula Effect
    • 1:00:14 – Mirror’s Edge
    • 1:09:28 – Celeste
    • 1:18:39 – Them’s Fightin’ Herds
    • 1:29:41 – Dark Souls Remastered
    • 1:36:36 – Cozy Grove


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