Finally the China episode!

As I said several episodes ago we’ve finally covered China’s war on gaming as it pertains to their youth and what kind of long standing ramifications it may have for China being a growth market for much of the gaming industry. We also cover what makes rogue-likes good and moments in games that made us well up. Warning there is a boat load of spoilers for Valkyria Chronicles in that section, which we do call-out verbally so stay mindful of that if you want to play the game at some point.

And what would the Frosty Canucks be if we didn’t cover the games we’ve been playing? Well I spent almost all his gaming time playing Strive, but didn’t want to bore everyone so we’re a bit light this week with Jason carrying the load as we delve into Pokémon Unite, Lost Judgement, and The Surge 2.

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  • 0:00:00 – What makes a good roguelike good?
  • 0:10:47 – What games caused a really emotional response? (Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza Spoilers)
  • 0:21:12 – Destiny removing paid expansion content
  • 0:29:42 – China’s ban on video gaming
  • 0:39:06 – FIFA and EA’s contract renegotiation
  • Games We’ve Been Playing
    • 0:43:17 – Game Pass 1 dollar deal twice
    • 0:47:14 – Lost Judgment (Spoilers)
    • 1:09:15 – Pokémon Unite
    • 1:29:45 – The Surge 2


My It Takes Two article that was referenced
China’s changes to youth gaming policy

As always, thanks for listening and stay frosty.