I think I’ve finally decided that I no longer need to continue my Month in Review post series. It only dawned on me that this was the case recently. Normally, I have a fairly easy time writing these posts. It’s not hard to sit down, write what amounts to a journal entry, and do a quick editing pass on it. However, lately I’ve not felt like I was getting much value out of writing these posts. Back when I was posting weekly, Month in Reviews would give me an easy article to fill a week with, while also providing some much needed reflection. Now that I’m spending far more time ironing out content, with no schedule, I don’t really see the need for this post series.

That said, ending my Month in Review series will also put an end to the smaller scale annecdotes on the games I’ve been playing. I’m of the opinion that I haven’t utilized that section to the fullest. In some rare cases I wanted to say more about a game, but didn’t, because I was trying to keep things brief. That’s…not great. I’d rather share everything I want to, instead of being bound by an entirely arbitrary stipulation. Besides, by no longer having a regular feature where I share smaller annecdotes, perhaps I’ll find the motivation to write smaller form content again. Or not. We’ll see, but I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently so no promises.

Either way, while I’m retiring this series, I won’t be retiring from writing about games. I still have things to say about what I’ve been playing, and my blog will continue to be the best place to share that.

While I may be ending this series, I’d like to do so the same way I always do: with 5 posts from around the community. If you haven’t read these posts already, you really should give them a look. Here’s my picks for June:

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drmabian | Diversity in Video Games and the Philosophy of Technology

*I also really liked drmabian’s article on the Storytelling in Dark Souls, so they get a double shout-out

Well, thank you as always for reading. I’m putting together the art assets for a Guilty Gear Strive post, which I spent the last few weeks revising. That should be live next week. Having to go into the office twice this week really drained me, and highlighted how little value I get out of actually working in an office space. Turns out my home office is more conducive for productivity than an open concept office where people are constantly yelling over one another. Who’d have thought. Regardless, I’ll see you when I see you. Stay safe out there.