I wasn’t initially going to announce it, but seeing as how I have today off I will: I’ll be participating in Blaugust. For those not in the know, Blaugust is an annual event organized by Belghast over on Tales of the Aggronaut. The goal of is to get bloggers to blog more often by having them post something every single day throughout August. While it started that way, over recent years the focus seems to have shifted toward bringing a community of like-minded individuals together to share their hobby and support one another. That’s something I can get behind.

That said, I’m hoping that by participating I’ll get back into the habit of writing regularly. I kind of miss when I was writing every week back in 2020. There was something satisfying about coming up with an idea, penning it, and publishing it. I don’t miss the death march I had toward a weekly deadline though. That is the one big advantage of having no schedule. However, lately I’ve had little drive when it comes to blogging. As such numerous ideas have languished to death in blogging purgatory. None of the ideas were bad either – I just couldn’t find the internal motivation to put forward the effort required to bring them to light. That’s not great, and is a big part of why I decided something needed to change.

So that’s where Blaugust comes in. I won’t attempt to post every day, but I do want to post more regularly than once a month. I’ll be aiming for once a week throughout the month of August. However, that’s as much planning as I’ve done, so we’ll see if that actually works out. When I used to write week to week, I’d usually have 2 posts done in advance so I had a buffer in case something took longer than expected. Presently I have no buffer. I don’t even have a list of ideas. So…yeeeeeeeah. This will be interesting.

My hope is that through writing regularly again, I’ll find that internal spark that I’ve lost of late. I still enjoy sharing my thoughts here, but blogging throughout 2022 hasn’t felt exactly right. Hopefully Blaugust can help to remind me of why I started doing all of this five years ago. Or, at the very least, get me back in the habit of sharing my thoughts instead of editing them into the shadow realm.

I’ll see y’all later this week with something a bit more substantial. It’d be easy for me to declare this post the first toward my goal, but I wanted to write 5 things independent of any “house-keeping” items. We’ll see if I come to regret that. If you’d like to participate I’ve included a link to Bel’s introductory post here. There’s a discord community (link in Bel’s post) if you have additional questions, or would like to connect with the community in a more direct fashion. Hope to see you out there, and happy writing.