We’re back!

Well…I never left, but I’ve got more doodles.

Before we begin: for those of you who also follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I’ve been posting out my doodles as I finish them. It was a bit frustrating waiting several weeks to share something I created with everyone and always made me want to rush for the next post so I could finally release that tension. With this new strategy I’m finding it, once again, relaxing to spend an evening making a goofy doodle.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t follow me on twitter. This post will have a recap of the last several doodles plus the reveal of some that haven’t yet made their way to my social media feed. You aren’t missing out on anything.

As with before I’ve tried to do these drawings without constantly having a reference. I have to admit I needed to look up some of the current batch because I didn’t have as firm a grasp on what they looked like. Such is the way of things.

Okay, housekeeping is out of the way. Let’s dive in.

Firstly we have Jolteon which was @ItsYaBoyA_a_ron’s suggestion.

This one is a bit weird. Normally this is where I link the reply, but he was a naughty boy and got himself banned from twitter with the account that made the original reply. So just pretend there is a tweet here.

Are you pretending? No? Pretend harder!


I had a lot of fun with this one and Aaron actually pointed out the core source of inspiration in his reply to my tweet debuting Jolteon. Is anyone else here familiar with Invader Zim? I never watched the show, but I’ve always been fascinated by the art style. It’s both visually appealing and also incredibly off-putting.

The only other thing I was trying to do here was soften Jolteon. It’s such a pointy Pokémon and has many hard edges. It gives the design a very sharp appearance and makes Jolteon look quite aggressive. With smoothed edges on all of its spikes I think my version of Jolteon comes across a lot more derpy and huggable.

Next, @RipWitch_ with Mimikyu.

I have to admit something: I’ve never played the generation seven Pokémon games. So I have almost no idea what any of the critters from those games look like. I was vaguely familiar with what a Mimikyu was, but I didn’t know anything beyond it looked like a fake Pikachu.

Happy Hobo

Here’s what I came up with.

Originally I was going to have Mimikyu’s hand sticking out from under the costume holding a marker like it’d just finished drawing the face on its horrid disguise, but while drawing it I completely forgot about that. Apparently I’m a bit of a space cadet.

The only other thing I went for with this drawing was to make the costume look more like it’d been thrown together by a wild Pokémon. So there are loose threads and stains all over it plus it is very clearly patched together with an array of rags. Our lovable disguised critter appears quite pleased with itself having fashioned such a convincing illusion.

Oh, also this is the first time I used a colouring style I saw from some other artists I follow on twitter. A hard white outline around the outside of the line art. I find it really helps accentuates my cartoon style, so I’m going to continue doing it for the foreseeable future.

Moving on, we have Sandshrew as suggested by @SecludedObserve.


Well, okay so there is also Torterra and similar to Rob’s response of Psyduck and Mr Mime I intend to do the other Pokémon in the future. For now just appreciate the drawing that is responsible for my most popular tweet thus far in 2020.


I drew what is probably the most slow witted looking Sandshrew that has ever been created. The derp factor on this one is through the roof. But isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Kind of like a pug where it is so stupid looking you just want to love it and care for it forever.

Also, this was actually the first drawing I started doing for this post. I started back in January, but was really discouraged because I thought my artwork was terrible compared to all of the other artists I follow on twitter. I can’t draw humans. I haven’t ever put in the practice to get better at it. Any time I try I’m always really frustrated by the results. Despite that I still have my own unique style that I shouldn’t disparage. And the response to this drawing in particular is proof that there are people out there who like my art, even if I heavily criticize it.

My favourite part of this one is how I managed to do the scales. I drew all of them on the original drawing and thought they looked terrible. After redoing the outline to fix some of the things I didn’t like I was attempting to redo the scales. I was going to trace over what I’d already done so I made the layer with the scales opaque and noticed that the opaque scales blended really nicely with the existing colour. After adding in several random dots and lines for scratch marks I think the final product looks quite nice.

Now it’s time for the first drawing that is debuting on my blog rather than my twitter feed. I present Zangoose from @YaHomeboySatan.

Wait, what the f-

I didn’t look at any of the twitter handles from people I didn’t recognize and am only just now seeing that Satan got in on my call out on twitter. I guess the door-to-door church people were right. Satan is everywhere. Who’d a thought.

Cuddly boi!

I took Zangoose in the complete opposite direction of its original design. Yes it is tough, and fierce looking. The plethora of sharp edges and disorganized fur all over its body make it one of the most Shadow the Hedgehog looking Pokémon out there.

So I did something similar to what I did with Jolteon and I smoothed out a lot of the hard edges to make a much cuddlier version of the Pokemon.

Also I noticed I do most of my drawings facing left, so I deliberately did this one facing the other direction. I can draw in both directions. My drawing skills aren’t limited to drawing left to right. I can draw right to left as well!

Finally, we finish on my crowning achievement. A true masterpiece. The perfect crescendo of fine digital arts. Bayleef suggested by @WingedBolt.


I’m just going to drop this here for those who need context.

Evolved Potato

The stinky rotting potato has evolved and grown legs. It’s noxious methane gases are coming to suffocate you. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husbands ’cause it’s liable to kill you in your sleep.

In creating this I now feel obligated to do a rotting potato Meganium, which I do have a concept for already. I’d like to get through the list from last July first however, because I’m just about finished everything. Maybe Meganitato will make an appearance as a bonus in a future post. We shall see.

Well that was a triumphant return to my Pokémon doodle posts if I do say so. Though it did feel a bit like I was the Obama meme where he’s giving himself a medal. Oh well. I’m pretty happy with how all five of these turned out. That white outline is just great. I also used my lesson from wave three to make all these drawings a lot smaller so they were more manageable. I don’t know if it is the mouse, or just the way I’ve trained myself to draw, but I can’t do bigger drawings. Smaller stuff is where I shine.

Did you enjoy the current set of doodles? Which was your favourite? Do you like the new white outlines? Are you excited for the possibility that I may soon be asking for more replies so I have another list of Pokémon to draw? Let me know in the comments below, or give me a shout on twitter.