I’ve read a handful of these posts lately, but it wasn’t until after reading Meghan‘s and Adrian‘s respective posts that I decided to stop being a crusty old person and do one myself. So here’s Have You Ever: Gaming Edition.

Rage Quit a Game

Ah hahahaha yes, but only recently. I always took it as a sign of the game winning if I gave up so I’d keep hammering away at stuff that was frustrating the heck out of me well beyond the point where I was having fun. The problem with that is that I turn into a caveman when I get angry and then winning becomes exponentially more difficult. This has really soured a number of games for me, so when I get upset now I just close the game and come back later.

For what it’s worth, this has seen me get several magnitudes better at online games (most notably Fantasy Strike). It has also been the catalyst for me completing and enjoying a lot of games that have notorious difficult curves (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Hollow Knight, almost any Rogue-like).

Earned All Achievements in a Game

Apparently forty three times, but I know that’s false because there were games that I had all of the achievements for and future updates added more invalidating my prior accomplishment. The game where this happened that upset me the most was Monster Hunter World. Though I do almost have all of the achievements again.

Pulled an All-Nighter Gaming


In college I stayed up to four in the morning trying to grind out a few levels on my main character in MapleStory with some friends. I was so tired that I was on auto-pilot from about two onward. I turned in at four, but passed my dad who’d just woken up to start his day as I was on my way to bed. So it was kind of an all-nighter.

Livestreamed Your Gaming

Yes. Several times actually. I did a few one off streams before, but almost every Friday since quarantine started I’ve been streaming as part of something I call FrostiFridays. We’re currently working through Hollow Knight, but I want to tie it off and move onto something new. I don’t know if watching me fail at the harder boss fights is the best watching experience. That and I want to stream something different every week because I play a pretty wide array of games normally and wish to represent that in my streamed content.

Pre-ordered a Game

Only once. I pre-ordered Smash 4 Wii U because I had already pre-ordered the GameCube controller adapter. I thought it’d be pretty stupid if I had the adapter, but couldn’t get a copy of the game at launch.

Pre-order bad.

Bought a Game and Never Played It

No. There are games sitting in my Steam library that contradict that declaration, but I will eventually get around to at least trying them. All of my backlogged games are purchases I made recently. Just need to finish up what I’m currently playing and then I can continue trucking along.

Been Jumpscared By a Horror Game

Who hasn’t?

Though if I’m being honest I really don’t care for jump scares. I’m a much bigger fan when the horror of a game has me thinking about it well after I’ve finished playing and the implications of the narrative cause me to lay wide eyed staring at the ceiling while trying to sleep.

Had a Set Squad For a Specific Game

Yes. Numerous times.

Playing any kind of multiplayer game that requires teamwork absolutely demands a team. I don’t care how much modern technology has tried to improve the solo experience in team games. There is simply no comparison to when you have a group of friends or like minded individuals teaming up to execute a strategy as a cohesive whole.

Bought a Game on Multiple Platforms

No. I refuse to purchase additional copies of something I already own.

Got a Console for the Games Specifically

Yes. Though, isn’t that the reason why anyone buys any console? I guess some people did buy the PS2 because it was a cheaper multi-purpose DVD player.

There you go. If you ever needed more proof that I’m a bit of a hard ass and incredibly stubborn you just got it. Special thanks to Michelle from A Geek Girl’s Guide for creating the writing prompt. If you want to participate you can check out her site for the details.