It only took me almost a year, but I have finally finished off all of the Pokémon that people said were their favourites in my original tweet. I didn’t expect the response I received, nor did I expect the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve gotten from the various silly doodles I’ve put out over the past year. So without any further distraction, here is the season finale of ruining your favourite Pokémon.

Firstly, Azelf from Lodestar_Valor.

Azelf has the rare privilege of being one of the only generation four Pokémon that was chosen by someone. Either way, Azelf is known within the Pokémon universe as the Pokémon representing willpower. I didn’t have a super strong idea for the picture, so I just made an Azelf that looked like it was about to mentally crack. Simple, but effective.

Next, we have Scizor from McWriteStuff.

Anyone who has seen Futurama is going to know what I was going for here. There is a character named Clamps who constantly runs around angrily shouting about how he’s going to use his hand clamps to “clamp” things. Scizor has similarly ridiculous looking claws for its hands, so I fused the two ideas into a single doodle.

And finally we have a cute Pikachu by way of WhyWePlayGames.

As promised I didn’t make the third Pikachu a complete monstrosity. Instead I made it fat and adorable. I hope this appeases those of you who were not as impressed by the Devito-chu or the Pikachonk.

Moving swiftly on, we’ve Aerodactyl from Vallent08435660.

This was actually one of the first ideas I had back at the beginning of the series, but I didn’t have a lot of confidence about bringing it to life. Similar to Sandshrew, I drew it, didn’t like it, sat on it for a while, and later revised it.

For those who aren’t familiar with Aerodactyl, it is a Pokémon that you restore from an old fossil. The joke here is that this one didn’t get fossilized and is now thinking back to the days when it could freely roam the sky.

Now for the first piece that hasn’t already made an appearance on twitter with Audino from Fluffy.

Fluffy didn’t comment on the original tweet, but I know them through discord and I couldn’t say no to one additional request. Plus this was the only generation five Pokémon. To me, Audino has always looked like a bit of a chubby chonker that would have a hard time getting up if it was knocked on its bum, so that’s exactly what I drew.

Next up, is Mr Mime, which was the second suggestion from RobCovell by way of it being his daughter’s favourite which I had forgotten about until writing this post.

Human Pokémon are already easy targets because human features look entirely unnatural on Pokémon. So I just dialed that way up for Mr Mime. This little guy looks like he’ll crawl out from under your bed in the middle of the night. Note that this is less weird looking than my original concept sketch which was truly horrifying.

And finally Torterra, which was SecludedObserve’s second pick.

I couldn’t figure out how to put Torterra and Sandshrew into a single picture so I opted to do them both separately. Torterra was also what I spent a fair bit of time drawing in last Friday’s stream. I was aiming for something that looked chubby and adorable. I think I hit the nail on the head.

As a bonus piece, once I wrote the previous edition of ruining your favourite Pokémon I had the idea to make a gross potato Meganium, so I did. Seems a fitting way to go out having ripped on Chikorita and all of its evolutions across the whole of the series.

And there you have it. The conclusion to ruining your favourite Pokémon. It’s been fun to get back into digitally drawing, but I don’t know if I have the energy to do another of these. At least, not right now. It took me almost a year to work through the previous list of responses and I’d be worried about another call having even more than the previous. Also it is pretty freeing not having this hanging over my head anymore.

That said, I still liked the idea and the community involvement. So I guess for now just keep your eyes peeled for when I do the next call. I know some folks who only follow my work on here wanted to hop into the next one, so I’ll make sure to post about it or something so you folks can join in too.

I hope everyone enjoyed what was a massive undertaking as it played out over the past year. Of the various doodles I’ve done which were your favourites? Also, was it weird slowly seeing me improve with each subsequent iteration? Let me know in the comments, or via twitter.