Introducing the Frosty Canucks Podcast

Hi. Hello! How are you?

Bit of an impromptu post for this one as it folds more into an update: I’m involved in a podcast now. A friend of mine wanted to start doing a podcast about video games and asked me to be involved. Thus the Frosty Canucks Podcast has been birthed. He is doing almost all of the work and all I have to do is show up and talk. As with commentating AnimEVO, I certainly have the easy job.

Why the Frosty Canucks Podcast?

Well you see we’re both Canadian and it kind of ties into my branding without explicitly being The Frostilyte Podcast, which I didn’t think was fair given I’m doing almost none of the work. The name was also available and despite having nothing to do with video games it is a lot more memorable than all of the gaming related names we could come up with.

What’s the plan?

The current plan is to talk about some topical video game news and also discuss the games we’ve been playing with new episodes coming out bi-weekly. For anyone that has tuned into one of my Friday streams that is about what you’re in for albeit more focused and not just me. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in then give it a listen. We should have it up on Spotify and Stitcher which I’ll link here for your convenience.

This week we talk about the PS5 event from earlier in September and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. If you have any feedback feel free to leave it here, on twitter, or if there is a comments section on the respective sites go wild there. We’re still fairly new so I’m sure there will be many growing pains along the way, but it should be a good time.

I’ve gone on for too long. Give it a listen. Thank you. Bye.


11 thoughts on “Introducing the Frosty Canucks Podcast

      1. “It’s been sooo long since anyone has asked me to give a fuck about Harry Potter” Haha, true dat. As with you, I never got into or understood the HP craze, although I always knew of the big fanship around it.

        “The game will be M rated”…does that mean we’ll finally get to see the spell Fetus Deletus?

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  1. Alright, feedback time! Keep in mind that I have absolutely zero experience with podcasts, whatsoever, so everything I say does not come from a point of understanding the topic, but my deeply rooted need to tell people what to do 🙂 Also, I have only listened to around 40 minutes of it, because the PS5 and its releases aren’t of great interest to me.

    Anyway, let’s start with the stuff you probably know: Both on SPotify and Stitcher, it looks a bit bare-bones. It could to with a proper logo, description, and probably an intro with time stamps. Also, Canucks’ voice isn’t as clear as yours, which is funny, considering he’s probably the one recording. It’s not bad per se, but definitely of lower quality than yours. Oh,

    Did you talk about the your topics beforehand? Because some questions seemed to be prepared quite well (ie your points about Deathloop), while others kinda…died. Like CoD.

    Okay, now the stuff you might or might not have on your radar: Have you thought about how to handle potential spoilers? Not that you had any in there, but the part about the additional enemy in Prey dangled a bit in that direction, and I’m always super-paranoid about spoilers, even for old games. I’m not saying you should avoid them at all costs, but maybe it’s a good idea to think how you guys want to handle them.

    You seem to be a lot more comfortable at public speaking than Canucks (although I got the feeling he started to warm up a bit later), so oftentimes you “seize” a question, giving a well-rounded argument for or against certain points, and basically all he can do is to say “hmm, yes. What he said”. This would be extremely interesting if you had different opinions (maybe that would’ve come later on), but this way, Canucks seems a bit siderailed sometimes.
    This also ties in to my question about if you talk beforehand. If so, you could have a rough roadmap of who gets to make the starting argument for certain questions and then naturally let that develop into a proper discussion.

    That’s it from me, at least for the time being. Keep it up, and I’ll drop by again (yes, that’s a threat)

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    1. Thanks for the feedback! It’s very much appreciated.

      Knew about some of the stuff already and had it earmarked for next time, so it’s some good confirmation bias to get the same feedback from an external body.

      I figured I’d be a little too…commanding, but I think Jay will get into the swing of things with more practice. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

      Shared this with him as well and we’ll see what we can do for future episodes. I don’t expect everything to improve immediately, but hopefully we’ll (collectively) make slow strides toward a better quality.

      And just for you I’ll think on some way to handle spoiler-y stuff. 😉

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