Hey we’re back. Well…I never left, but Jason is back for episode two of the Frosty Canucks. This week we rib Microsoft a bit for their goofy next generation console names, but more importantly we go over Microsoft’s purchase of Zenimax Media. Also, Jason is excited about Yakuza 7, so we take a huge detour into Yakuza land.

We’re working on making a few different improvements to the show. Jay just got a new mic, which sounds a lot better so next episode I’ll be the one who sounds like hot garbage. In addition, I’m working on a logo for the podcast and have also been helping out with cleaning up the descriptions on things. It’s not much, but hopefully the small improvements are satisfactory.

And I’ve got timestamps for when each topic starts so people like Quietshisto don’t have to worry about spoilers. We also have timestamps on Spotify and Stitcher, so you should be covered regardless of where you decide to consume the podcast.




  • The Xbox has a naming problem – 0:00
  • Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda – 5:44
  • Discussion about Yakuza 7 – 33:37
  • Games we’ve played – 1:00:22
    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered 1:00:22
    • Final Fantasy X 1:02:05
    • Hades 1:05:54
    • Borderlands 3 1:18:32

I think that’s everything. Thanks for listening and let us know if you have any feedback or want to chime in on any of the topics in the comments below.