A few weekends back I took the time to play through Sizeable and was impressed enough by its core concept that I am now here telling you about it. It’s a puzzle game where you’re made to change the size of objects in various themed dioramas to solve puzzles. It’s short, sweet, and worth a looksie entirely because of the novelty of its core mechanic.

Developer: Sander Amrboos, Business Goose Studios
Publisher: Business Goose Studios
Release Date: Mar 19th, 2021
Available on: PC (Win & Mac)

As previously stated, Sizeable is a puzzle game about changing the size of objects. In each level you’re presented with a diorama with a number of interactable objects. You’ll then have to change their size to trigger specific interactions within the diorama, which unlocks more of the level or presents one of the three pillars needed to finish it. Mechanically speaking, Sizeable never evolves beyond this simple premise, but it does provide a variety of different themed levels which all play around its core idea in interesting ways and, with a concept this novel, I think that more than justifies giving it a look.

The only other aspect of Sizeable that I wanted to touch on are the secret turtles. You see, in each level there is an additional objective beyond collecting the three pillars: finding a hidden turtle. Each diorama has a different theme and to that end each turtle has objects on its shell that match the theme of the level. Finding all of these little guys generally involves solving slightly more involved puzzles and will reward players with a bonus turtle themed level after completing the game. With Sizeable’s relatively short length I’d recommend spending the time to seek each and every turtle.

I think that about wraps things up. Despite its short length, Sizeable delivers well on its core premise. It won’t blow you away, but Sizeable will provide an hour or two of puzzling fun and the novelty of its core premise never has time to wear thin. It’s a neat little game that deserves your attention. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try because Sizeable is something you should play.