After getting destroyed by work I needed something easy to write, so here’s another Sunshine Blogger post. This time it is brought to you by Dan over at Indiecator. He writes a fair number of reviews, mostly for indie games, but also streams and is a regular key contributor to our monthly blogger/streamer Among Us group. I’m sure most folks reading will already know his stuff, but if you haven’t you can find his blog here and his Twitch here.

Skipping the rules as I don’t intend to follow any of them. I couldn’t come up with questions to ask other people and historically most people don’t reply to tags anyway. As such, we’ll just answer the questions and that’ll be the end of it.

Without any further delay, here are Dan’s questions and my answers.

Question 1: Think of a question and don’t mention it anywhere. Insert the answer to that question as an answer to any of the following questions that you don’t want to answer. Reply with yes or no to this one.

I actually don’t understand what I’m meant to do for this as I’m too much of a gorilla.

Question 2: What’s your guilty pleasure game?

This is an extremely challenging question for me to answer because guilt requires shame and if anyone judges me for the games I play I tell them to pound salt. The games that should be guilty pleasures are ones that I, at least partially, endorse playing and don’t actually hide the fact that I have played. So the correct answer to the question is: I don’t have one.

That feels like a cope out though so Huniepop and Huniepop 2. They’re both boobie games, but damn it if they aren’t also some of the best match three titles on the market. A buddy of mine originally bought me the first game as a joke gift, but it turned out to be one of the best light-puzzle games I’d played and the sequel was even better. If you’re into match three games and don’t mind the explicit content they’re both worth a look.

Question 3: What’s a word you really like but never use?


It’s slang an Australian friend taught me for pleased. I tried to make it a thing here, but everyone kept getting confused so I stopped. It’s swish as hell though. Really wish I could have gotten it to catch on like chumble.

Question 4: You have to unban one game from Twitch, which one do you choose and why?

Easy: Huniepop.

I didn’t realize I’d be writing about Huniepop so much in a Sunshine Blogger post, but here we are.

Huniepop is a fantastic game and the world needs to know. The only reason it’s on the Twitch ban list is because of nudity, but I really don’t think Twitch has a leg to stand on anymore when it comes to that. They’ve already allowed and profited from content that is just as, if not more so, sexually explicit and frankly their stance is so flacky that I don’t take it seriously.

Free the anime booba!

Question 5: When you don’t feel like posting, what do you do to get some motivation to do it anyway?

I begin writing the post anyway.

Motivation is kind of like a bank account in that you need to deposit motivation or you won’t have any for later. Unfortunately, most activities that deposit motivation also have a motivation cost. Blogging is one such activity. I always make an effort to start writing and after I get started I usually don’t have a problem continuing to write. I sometimes also cook a good meal or do some chores around the apartment first because, while those cost motivation to start, they provide a motivation buff that makes completing other things much easier.

Turns out the secret to getting things done is to get things done. Who’d have thought?

Question 6: What is the quality you have that your friends appreciate the most about you?

A recurring theme I’ve noticed is that a lot of people seem to appreciate my blunt honesty. Or rather, if you don’t then we probably aren’t friends.

I have to imagine that those who stick around don’t mind that they always know where they stand with me because I’m not willing to sugar coat stuff. I like to keep things simple because I’m too much of a gorilla for most social cues. I assume that makes getting a read on me fairly easy and the friends I do have seem to appreciate that.

Question 7: You’re married to a mermaid/a merman. Would you like it more if the bottom half or the top half was human-looking?

Top half for the human half.

The alternative is having a human bottom half and a fish top half and that would scare the shit out of me. I’d rather not be married to a giant walking fish. A human torso and face is a more appealing prospect.

Question 8: What’s a game that you really hate that is super overrated in your opinion?

Fall Guys. Fuck that game.

I know it’s not in vogue anymore, but I still can’t believe such a broken disaster enjoyed as much success as Fall Guys did. I haven’t played the game at all beyond season one, so there has been almost two years of updates published to the game, but I just hate everything it represents. It doesn’t matter how good your game is as long as you have good marketing it’ll sell.

I still firmly believe that if this game had been developed and published by Ubisoft, or EA that a lot more people would have been rightfully skeptical and far more critical of the state that Fall Guys launched in as well as the way it is monetized.

Question 9: Would you rather be drunk forever or always hungover? And why?

Drunk forever.

The feeling of a hangover is the same as the feeling of dehydration and that feels awful. Eventually you’d be so used to the buzz from alcohol that you wouldn’t notice it, but I’d rather not have to get used to the constant pain of dehydration.

Question 10: What is gatekeeping? Wrong answers only.

When you put on your fanciest trousers and stand before a gate to greet people at the gate to your garden.

Question 11: Valheim is super popular right now. Explain why and fill the answer with as many puns as possible!

Valheim was super popular earlier this year because it fulfilled all four horsemen of the Steam apocalypse: survival, crafting, open world, early access. I swear to god if you release a game with those four characteristics and it isn’t a complete disaster you’re guaranteed some level of success. It happened with Rust, and Ark, and DayZ. I will probably never understand the appeal of these games in either their finished or unfinished state, but obviously people enjoy them because a new one pops out of the woodworks every several months.

Well there you have it. Eleven more questions answered…kind of. I’m done with work bullshit for a while, so hopefully I can put together a couple fun articles for the coming weeks in September. As always, thank you for reading and stay safe out there.