Oh boy. This one took a very long time to put together and I’m not even done. A few weeks back I put out a call on twitter asking my followers what their favourite Pokemon were. I expected five replies. I got more than five replies.

So anyway, this is that aforementioned blog post! I took a handful of the replies and drew them in Paint.Net. My friends and SO have always enjoyed my artwork mostly because they find it entertaining. I’m not great at making good looking art in the traditional sense. My style has always been more geared towards comic relief. I also did all of the drawings without reference pictures, so that should make the results even more silly looking. I hope you enjoy these drawings as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Also note, the art in this post took almost as long to complete as a thirty hour game. I intend to do doodles for every single reply to that tweet, but it’ll take several more weeks of my free time to do so. Don’t worry if you weren’t featured in this post. You will be eventually.

First up we have my friend @Charlie__Blitz.

Charmander. I remember when I first played Pokemon Blue version as a seven year old potato. I picked Charmander thinking it was an incredibly cool Pokemon. Little did I know that Charmander is the self imposed hard mode. Where the other two starters will barrel through Brock, Charmander’s type of fire is hard-countered by Brock’s rock and ground team. After you painstakingly make it through that fight you’ll encounter what is supposed to be the first real hurdle in the game: Mt. Moon. And it is here that every player of the older games developed a deep seeded hatred for Zubat.

Zubat used Supersonic. Charmander attacked itself in Confusion.

I’m sure we all have fond, but traumatic memories of the trip through Mt. Moon.

Also worth noting that Zubat is one of my favourite Pokemon, which is why I squeezed it in here.

Next I chose to tackle @itslarakate’s favourite: Espeon.


You know how Eevee is a dog-fox looking thing? And almost all of its evolutions share that same dog-fox like design? Espeon doesn’t. Espeon is a cat. I always thought that was kind of weird, especially as it is the only Eeveelution that has a radically different appearance. Anyway, here is a cat loaf.

I am a loaf!

I will admit, despite not wanting to look anything up while drawing these I had to look up which direction the shiny bits in the eyes faced. I originally had them in the upper outward corners and thought it looked incredibly derpy. Not that the version I finished with looks any less derpy.

Next up we have my good buddy @vitzpatel.

Oh Vitz, you fool! Do you even realize what you’ve done? You requested not a Pikachu, but a Pikachonk. I had a lot of room for creativity with this one, so I created something that is probably going to make all of you very upset with me. BEHOLD! PIKACHONK!


This big boy looks like he ate an entire herd of Pikachu and is still hungry for more. While drawing and colouring there were several moments where I burst out laughing. It’s just so disgusting looking. This will not be the last time I try to traumatize you all with my art.

Also, I had two other Pikachu replies, so there will be more Pikachu drawings on the way. I already have a few ideas for my other Pikachus.

Next up we have @RobCowell with Psyduck.

You know in all of the times I’ve played Pokemon games I don’t think I have ever used a Psyduck on my team. There is such a plethora of available water Pokemon that I’ve always gone with something else. Psyduck is a really cool Pokemon though. It has a fairly simple design and the psychic powers it obtains after getting strong headaches has been a long running joke in the Anime and, more recently, the Detective Pikachu movie. It’s hard to make a Pokemon this derpy even more so, but I gave it my best effort.

Ow! My face!

I had intended for this to be a combo drawing with both Psyduck and Mr Mime, but none of my concept sketches for Mr Mime were really grabbing me. Don’t you worry though Rob. I shall get to that Mr Mime in future!

Alright, onto the final drawing for wave one!

For this one I used both @Littleraven_89’s and @JAVManimation’s favourites.

Generation two will always be one of my favourites. It was such an improvement over the previous games and introduced a whole slew of new Pokemon. I’ve replayed these games quite a few times using both Cyndaquil and Totodile as my starter. I tend to prefer Totodile as its evolutions are equal parts cool and powerful.

In all my times playing generation two you know which starter I’ve never used though? The rotting potato.

Plague Doctors are on the Job!

Did you know that potatoes create a toxic gas when they rot that can kill people? Now you do. No really. Look it up. Make sure you use up your potatoes before they rot.

Alright. That concludes wave one of Ruining your favourite Pokemon. I hope you enjoyed the drawings. As I said before, I fully intend to draw every Pokemon that was attached to that original tweet, but it’ll take me more time to do so. I hope you’re all looking forward to what derpy monstrosities I come up with next time.

Oh and if anyone is curious, I drew all of these with a mouse. I’m too cheap to buy a Wacom tablet. Yes even too cheap to buy the inexpensive, tiny ones.