Well I missed doing one of these last month, but I’ve more goofy artwork for you in October. There are only three drawings this time because one of them took an enormous amount of time. Lesson learned: stick to smaller drawings. Despite the smaller volume of doodles I hope everyone still finds something to giggle at.

The closer we get to 2020 the more I think that this project will become a multi-year one.

Alright, let’s get into it.

First up is @EmikoTheWriter with Gengar.

I’d say something about the gif giving me a hint as to Gengar’s appearance, but based on last time I think everyone agrees that I have a vague notion of what a Gengar looks like.


This was an alternative idea I came up with while doing concept sketches for the other Gengar doodle. Even after settling on the idea I used, I still liked the concept of showing off Gengar’s hilariously long tongue. That’s not something I made up either. That’s canon. I also wanted to use the stretched out eyelids. The whole thing looks tremendously uncomfortable.

Next up we have @blade_val with Mewtwo.

Originally I was thinking of doing something cat-like. As pointed out in the tweet, Mewtwo does have some similarities to a cat. A bald, under fed, genetically modified one. A few of my concepts were a mix between cute and somewhat terrifying, but then the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer happened…

The Birth of a New Meme

Did anyone else see that one clip in Detective Pikachu when Mewtwo talks with its mouth instead of its mind? Did you also notice it has the same creepy little teeth as Sonic in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer? I did. I’m glad I could ruin your day by informing you of Mewtwo’s tiny teeth and by sharing this horrible monstrosity with you.

Finally, we have the drawing I spent far too much time on. Probopass from @elewood.

Now in this instance I’m glad a gif was included. Probopass is the bigger of the two Pokemon there. Without context, you’d all probably think I was taking the piss with anything I posted. This Pokemon is an Eastern Island head with a mustache. It already looks incredibly stupid. So how did you make it worse, Frosti? Well…



For those who don’t get the reference, look up Nigel Thronberry or The Wild Thronberrys. It is a 90s Saturday morning cartoon.

To be perfectly fair, I’m fairly certain Elewood set me up. We’re friends offline (sometimes I appear on his streams) and he had a sneaking suspicion that I was going to draw every Pokemon submitted when I put out my call for help on twitter. Well Elewood…are you happy? You better be. This took me a very long time to make.

Okay that’s wave three wrapped. Hoping to be back to the normal five doodles with the next one. Also going to try to pack less high impact drawing in there. You wouldn’t believe how much extra work a comic takes compared to a one off picture.

I also don’t know when the next post for this series will go live. I was brain storming some ideas with my SO, but I think I need to do a few of my own doodles for fun. Who knows…maybe I’ll do a bonus random doodles post next.

As with always, thank you so much for the feedback and support on these. It is very much appreciated.