Children of Morta Review

Children of Morta is a story driven ARPG release onto Steam earlier this month, with console ports coming soon. Does it bring meaningful additions to a genre populated with several successful titans? Read my review to learn more about the game and my full thoughts.

Knights And Bikes Review

Knights and Bikes was recently released for PC and PS4. It’s an adventure game with light combat and puzzle elements. It has a story that will resonate strongly with those who can relate to the more personal topics, but may entirely alienate others. Check out my full thoughts if you’d like to know more.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review

Bloodstained is another Kickstarter game made by an industry veteran who was tired of being told that no one was interested in what they wanted to make. It is an homage to Castlevania that will likely please longtime fans of the franchise, but I wasn’t super tuned into it. Read my review to find out why.