I have more terrible drawings for your amusement. This time featuring another handful of folks who replied to my original tweet. For those who missed the last post, I’ve been taking all the replies from my call to Twitter and drawing the Pokemon mentioned without a reference. The reception has been a mixed bag of amusement and terror. With that noted, lets get onto the Pokemon.

Reminder, if you replied to the tweet I’ll get to your answer eventually. These take a while to draw and colour in. You haven’t been forgotten.

First up we have @Zepdowntime with Arcanine.

Oh dear. Despite being a generation one Pokemon, I’m not terribly familiar with Arcanine. By coincidence I usually play the games where it can’t be captured and I normally choose Bulbasaur as my starter when I replay Pokemon Blue & Leafgreen, so my rival has Charizard rather than Arcanine.

With that in mind we got an interesting result from what I remembered of the Pokemon.

Arcanfield? Garfinine?

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah. I looked it up after the fact and laughed at how many details I forgot. Even with the style I chose to draw it, there should be more fluff on the face, as well as the hind legs. Plus I didn’t know what the stripes looked like so I just made it look like Garfield. I’m dubbing this one a new sub-species: Arcanfield. Or would Garfinine work better?

Moving on. Next up is @e_Mowgli with Scyther and Magikarp.

Totally agree with Scyther being a complete bad ass Pokemon. I couldn’t capture one until I played Pokemon Silver, but it was a most coveted prize from the bug catching contest. You also said Magikarp for meme reasons, so my mind immediately went a bit dark with this one.

Sushi Time!

Anyone up for some sushi? While writing this I remembered that one episode of the TV show where Ash and co are trapped at sea and they try to eat a Magikarp only to find out its scales are too tough to get through. It then proceeds to evolve and summon a horde of Gyarados to smite them. Good times.

Next up we have @halesbells69 with Pikachu.

You guys really like Pikachu, huh? This is the second of three replies with Pikachu. This was also the second reply with a Detective Pikachu gif as part of the reply.

Speaking of Detective Pikachu, do any of you remember the outcry to have Danny Devito play the eponymous critter? Apparently the folks behind the movie even tried him out for the role. While Ryan Reynolds did a great job in the finished product I still feel like we were robbed of our rightful Devitochu.

Devitochu is on the case

I promise I’ll do something less terrifying for the last Pikachu. You have it in writing now. The third Pikachu will be something more normal looking instead of yet another of my horrible monstrosities. Probably. Definitely. Maybe. Absolutely. Perhaps.

Next we have one of two replies for Gengar, the first coming from @Pix1001.

You ever notice how Gengar kind of looks like a Clefable? Well a bunch of people did and there is a whole conspiracy theory about how Gengar is a dead Clefable. They have similarly round bodies, stubby arms and legs, and pointed ears. Gengar being listed as the shadow Pokemon in the Pokedex, while also being a ghost type has been used as evidence to further reinforce this connection.

Everything is fine

I had a lot of fun drawing this one. It went through multiple iterations of hand sketches before I finally settled on the final design. Originally I was just going to have Gengar’s face in the shadow, but the drawing looks flat and lifeless. Eventually I got the idea to have it loom over Clefable and that slowly became more and more twisted looking until I settled on the final design.

Finally we have Squirtle from @TheHannieCorner.

So…Squirtle shoots water out of its mouth, right? Does that mean that all of its water attacks are ostensibly it vomiting on the opponent? I’m out here asking all the important questions about Pokemon.

Squirtle used Watergun

I had way more fun making that than I should have. I was originally going to make a Squirtle with an over-sized head on a tiny body, but while drawing concept sketches I had this idea and liked it better. Who knows…I might make the giant head Squirtle a guest appearance in a future doodle.

Alright. That concludes wave two. As I said before I’m going to continue drawing the remaining replies, so if you weren’t featured in this post look forward to some horrible monstrosity in a future post.

Numerous people asked if I’d be doing another tweet out for more replies in future. The answer is yes. Please look forward to said tweet sometime several months from now when I finish up all of the drawings for this set.

If you enjoyed the art please let me know! Knowing my art is entertaining people is a great motivator and I can’t see your laughter or mortified expressions through my computer screen.