Frosty Canucks Podcast ep 37

Boner culture.

This week we spend some time chastising the folks who use boner culture without a hint of irony, while also delving into the Nintendo Direct, the eShop shutdown, and some truly bizarre quotes from Platinum Games’ recent interviews. Alongside that we spend some time talking about Jason’s time playing It Takes Two with his wife and I delve into Trails of Fire. If that sounds fun then strap in for another episode of Frosty Canucks.

A note: this will be the last episode that we’re recording for an undetermined amount of time. Jason does the overwhelming majority of work on the podcasts and does great work editing them down into somewhat coherent pieces of audio. However, after editing 3 hours (or more) of audio for the past year and a half he needed a break. It is for this reason that I made the call to go on break until he feels up to the task of editing again. Also, when we return we’re going to be aiming to have a shorter podcast (around 60-80 minutes), which is, admittedly, something we’ve both wanted to do for a while.

That all said, thank you for listening to the podcast and we look forward to seeing you again whenever that happens to be.




  • 0:00:00 – Aloy’s Beard “Controversy
  • 0:05:52 – Nintendo Direct February 2022
  • 0:28:22 – Nintendo eShop Shutting Down
  • 0:35:20 – Platinum Games – Live Service Games Focus and Please Buy us Big Publishers
  • Games We’ve Been Playing
    • 0:40:35 – It Takes Two (Spoilers)
    • 0:54:59 – Trials of Fire


Nintendo Direct Feb 2022

Twitter thread with Aloy Beard, Vagina Bones, and Boner Culture

Platinum Games interview

As always, thanks for listening and stay frosty.

4 thoughts on “Frosty Canucks Podcast ep 37

  1. I wasn’t familiar with the term “boner culture” before. I might be part of it considering the last post I wrote, but then I guess if I am, I’m much more on the ironic side of it, or at least the self-aware one. I do sometimes get annoyed by changes made to games coming across the Pacific as well, but there are also fans who blow relatively minor issues way out of proportion. Especially since with the more frequent PC ports we’re getting, it’s a guarantee that someone will make an unofficial patch to stick it to the publishers or whatever.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t give a fuck about Aloy’s peach fuzz, and it sounds more like that’s appropriate considering the extremely realistic look of the Horizon games anyway. Most of the games I play are those weeb anime-looking games, and when you’re dealing with stylized stuff like that it’s a different matter. Doesn’t make much sense to compare the two as some fans might have been doing when they complained about Aloy, but then I don’t know the whole story behind the fight. Sounds dumb as hell anyway. It must be nice to have so few actual problems that you can care about such a thing.

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    1. You’re very much on the self-aware side of the boner culture spectrum if such a thing exists. There’s a very big difference between you writing about how you like cute boat ladies in a gachapon mobile game or me writing a big dumb post about Huniepop 2 versus someone screaming about vagina bones, or a lack of bohonkadonkaronks. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all still degenerates, but some of us are a lot more accepting and aware of that fact.

      You hit the nail on the head pretty well there, but it is quite fun to sit and watch people have complete meltdowns over such stuff. Plus, it provided us with the gems vagina bones and boner culture, so it wasn’t a compete waste. I’m not certain, but I think those two phrases will become endearing members of my lexicon that I’ll chuckle while using for the rest of my days.

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